Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Father's Request: Please Pray for Hannah

Hello to all our friends and family! I write this as our kids are going to sleep and you are waking up to start your days.

I write to you and petition you as a father that loves his daughter very much. If I am honest, I am scared. Probably more scared than Hannah. Tomorrow, when Hannah wakes up, we will walk with her to school, drop her off, and say goodbye. We will leave her in a very new and likely difficult environment for her. 

One thing I am certain of: Hannah will be the only English speaking student in a Japanese speaking school. Hannah does not know Japanese...YET. 

Another thing that I am almost sure of: our sweet Hannah will most likely be the only Christian in her school. That includes students, teachers, staff, and principals. She will be a spark of light and a glimmer of hope in the darkness. Although my heart is heavy. I know that she does not go alone. We reminded Hannah tonight of Isaiah 43:1, that she belongs to God. 

As a father sending his daughter to an unknown world tomorrow, this is something I must remember. My Hannah belongs to God. She is His. She is not mine. I have nothing I have not received from God. As we let go and send Hannah to be a light in her Japanese school, we wanted to make a request:

Would you pray for our daughter? At 8:00am-2:00pm Nagoya time, she will be in school. That would be 6:00pm-midnight the 29th central standard time. I would love to have people praying and interceding for her that entire time. As parents, it would bring us much peace knowing that Hannah will be covered in prayer all day. 

--Pray that Hannah would have courage and boldness. That Hannah would not get overwhelmed.

--Pray that Hannah would be a light in the darkness from the very beginning. 

--Pray that Hannah's faith would be so strong all day. 

--Pray that Hannah would make friends quickly. 

--Pray for Hannah's teacher, Ichikawa Sensei. And pray for Hannah's school: Chihaya Elemtary School.

--Most importantly, pray that Hannah would be saturated with the Spirit of God and that she would be covered and protected every second of her time at school. 

Thank you for praying for our beautiful and wonderful little missionary Hannah. 

That all nations might know and believe that Jesus is the son of God.

Hannah with her new "Randoseru" backpack that every child in Japan uses for elementary school.

Hannah successfully writing her name in katakana (Japanese) from memory for the first time after lots of practice. 

Hannah in her new school hat! This is how everyone will know she is a student at Chihaya Elementary School!


  1. Matt and Katharine,

    We will be praying for Hannah tonight and are excited to hear about her first day!

  2. I will be praying from Vietnam!!!
    He is with her and with yall!!

  3. We are in Texas right now and will be lifting Hannah up today! I remember this day for our family. Continue to trust The Lord with this step as you have with your lives to this point. It is our privilege to pray for your little one!

  4. I'm praying for precious Hannah.....
    (I'm Laura Maxwell's mom. She shared your blog with me - so I'm informed. - thanks.)

  5. Will and I will be praying for Hannah tonight!

  6. Talya is following her sweet friend's story and we will be praying for her specifically tonight!!

  7. We are praying for Hannah! (And for mommy and daddy!!). We love you guys!

  8. Praying for Hannah!!